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Our Mission: To Help the Most Vulnerable


adult1_webFor more than a century, we have believed that a home is far more than shelter—it is the foundation for life. We provide individuals and families with safe, affordable housing and the vital support services they need to thrive. Our agency has become a major nonprofit provider of quality, affordable housing for economically challenged and homeless individuals, families, veterans, seniors and people with disabilities. We have single-family, duplex and multifamily rental housing in rural and metropolitan areas from Pensacola to Key West. To us, home is where empowered lives thrive.


Floridians with special needs turn to us—including individuals, families and veterans at-risk of or experiencing homelessness; people dealing with significant mental health, emotional or substance abuse issues; and seniors searching for an affordable, independent lifestyle. Our experienced, interdisciplinary, mental health-social service team may deliver psychosocial rehabilitation, substance recovery support, clinical services, day-to-day case management, basic and independent living skills, as well as assist with the coordination of benefits and other services as needed.

Our Continuing Care Retirement Community allows seniors to maintain their independence providing everything from an occasional helping hand to full-time care.

Our support inspires and encourages those served to retain the highest level of dignity and control over their own path to a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.


The capacity to learn, grow and change paves the way to independence. We embrace and foster life-long learning and inspire individuals to become contributing members of society. By understanding the challenges and barriers faced by veterans, families, the elderly, people with disabilities and others in need, we are able to help them move toward a better tomorrow. We assess an individual’s skills, interests and educational competencies, help develop a personal career plan and provide pre-employment and job-readiness training. We target local workforce demands and offer individuals on- the-job employment support.


We are an interdenominational Christian church with a distinctive ministry of service. For more than 100 years, we have provided essential services to heal both the body and the soul. Working together our committed ministerial staff members reach out to those we serve, our faith communities and our neighbors to restore hope and build a shared sense of community. We offer people a unique opportunity to put their faith into action.

Volunteers of America of Florida has changed the lives of Florida’s most vulnerable individuals and families by staying focused on positive results. We envision our communities as the places where all people live with a spiritual sense of well being, opportunities for training and employment and a place to call home. We will continue to go where the need is desperate and where we can effect real change measuring our success by the number of lives we change.


We achieve our vision through providing Housing; Health Services; and Training, Education & Employment Services. 


Senior Housing

It is our philosophy that housing for the elderly should reflect the needs and wants of the persons who reside in the homes. The facility should be capable from both design and operational perspectives to accommodate the changing needs of residents.

Family Housing

Family housing in Volunteers of America communities provides much more than just shelter. In addition to larger units with two, three and four bedrooms, we provide special facilities and services that help to address the needs of both children and their parents. Our family housing communities provide services and activities that reflect the particular characteristics, culture, and needs of the residents who live there.

Housing for Persons with Disabilities

It is our philosophy that housing for persons with disabilities should reflect the needs and wants of the persons who reside in the homes. The facility should be capable from both design and operational perspectives to accommodate the changing needs of residents. Our housing is specifically designed for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is part of a holistic approach to treat underlying social problems that have led to homelessness for individuals and families.  The path to self sufficiency, independence and permanent housing begins as caring professionals address obstacles faced by those served in the transitional housing program.


We know how challenging life can be. Our approach to behavioral health care is person-centered, based in best practices, focused on positive outcomes, and nationally accredited. We respect the importance of a self-determined healthy life, and have assembled a professional, credentialed team of behavioral health care specialists to serve individuals struggling to regain mental health and a drug free lifestyle.

Following admission, our participants develop their roadmap to independence. A personalized Life Plan is a living document that chronicles each person’s progression to their goals.  With excellence in case management and an interdisciplinary team, our participants are supported by our ministry of service as they realize their goals using the Life Plan.  The benefits of this approach are extraordinary! We see it each day in the progress of our participants.

Appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available at no cost to deaf or hard-of-hearing clients and companions.  For more information see our Auxiliary Aids Plan.



The capacity to learn, grow and change paves the pathway to independence and achieve goals. Volunteers of America of Florida embraces this in our mission to foster life-long learning.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program

In partnership with the Veterans Employment and Training Services, we support Veterans in Cocoa and south Florida with training and employment. We offer job readiness, training, placement, and follow-up services to target local workforce demands. Veterans participate in job searches, and receive supportive services to ease their return to employment. The program offers both classroom-based learning and on-the-job training. High quality relationships in these communities allow us to give Veterans every opportunity to enter civilian employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Ticket to Work Program

We understand the challenges faced by individuals with physical and mental disabilities as they seek and secure employment. Vocational rehabilitation services and the Ticket to Work Program support individuals as they strive to participate in  the workplace and experience the pride of meaningful work.



This program is for adults who are at risk of incarceration and acute crisis services such as detox, providing an environment of positive recovery. It assists participants in dealing with barriers to recovery and identifying coping mechanisms that promote both responsibility and self-determination in their choices. 

Service recipients must be:

  • Adults (18 +) with a Substance Abuse history 
  • Co-occurring population, adult with a Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorder
  • Participant MUST have proof of completion from a Substance Abuse program.



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