In honor of Veteran’s Day, businesses across Florida are giving a portion of their proceeds to Volunteers of America of Florida.


You can support veterans by visiting participating businesses. To find businesses & events near you, visit

Senior Veteran-X2Dear Fellow Community Supporter,

Volunteers of America of Florida requests your partnership. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 49,933 Veterans are homeless on any given night. To combat this crushing problem, Volunteers of America of Florida provides housing & services to homeless Veterans and those in-need every day. In fact, we are the largest provider of transitional housing for Veterans in the State of Florida, and one of the top 3 largest providers in the county. However, in order for these imperative services to continue, we need support from selfless partners like you!

You can help change the lives of homeless Veterans today by joining this Veteran’s Day movement. To become a partner simply complete the Sponsorship Form (click here) and donate a portion of your proceeds.

Should you choose to support Veterans you will receive:

  • A tax deduction for full donation amount
  • Promotion of your business
  • State-wide publicity, to include:
    • Local press releases mention
    • Brand presence in local flyers
    • Coverage via social media
    • Possibly on-site media coverage
    • Event promotion (on the day you choose to donate a portion of proceeds)

All of this will provide your organization with positive publicity and help to increase business/revenue. Local Media partners are waiting to publicize the effort, and you, today. Please see sponsorship form for details (click here).

According to National Coalition of Homeless Veteran’s, Florida has the fourth highest concentration of chronically homeless Veterans and the third highest concentration of women Veterans in the Nation. Your generous support will help Volunteers of America of Florida programs continue in your Florida community. Volunteers of America of Florida is a 501c nonprofit, registered with the State of Florida, Division of Consumer Services, Federal Tax ID number is 58-1856992. For more information visit,

Please help make this Veteran’s Day a huge success by giving back to our very deserving Veterans. Thank you for changing lives by considering a partnership and donation to Volunteers of America of Florida.


IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION: Volunteers of America of Florida, Inc. is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Per those regulations, we verify that you have not received any goods and/or services in exchange for the above mentioned donation. Questions regarding this, or any charitable donation, may be best answered by a tax professional.


VOAF Vets Day flyer