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The Holidays are a time for giving, and a group of volunteers in Pensacola are doing just that. More than a dozen got together to help spruce up a Veteran’s Community. Channel three’s Rob Brown shows us how they did it.

The Veteran’s Assistance Program here on Blackwell Lane provides housing to homeless veterans trying to get back into the community. Today, a group of volunteers from Volunteers of America and area home depots gave it a holiday upgrade.

For eight hours Friday, over a dozen volunteers drove nails, turned screws, and laid mulch. Their goal? Make veterans at the facility feel even more at home.

Jay Burchfield lives there. He says the volunteers made him feel cared for. “It just shows us that, you know, it makes you feel like your worthy, that somebody cares about you and somebody’s thinking about you. And in anybody’s life, that’s uplifting.”

The program allows homeless veterans to stay for two years. They can stay for free until they get a job, and for thirty percent of their income once they do.

Kory Smith is a disabled veteran, who says the community has helped him tremendously. “It’s given me a sense of stability. It’s given me a place to call home, a roof over my head. And those things are important.”

Smith says the volunteers are what’s right with Pensacola. “There’s a lot of bad in the world, and it’s really nice to see some of the good in the world come out. It makes you rethink about humans, and the good that we’re capable of.”

Now these volunteers will be back in two weeks to finish the second phase of the project.