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How would you like it if a Bucs player came over to paint your house? Some lucky residents at an apartment complex found a group of athletes working outside their homes Tuesday morning. And the work they did was extra special.

On Tuesday morning, Arbor Place Apartments in Tampa underwent some quick improvements. The place got a new coat of paint and a new garden. Many hands make the work go swift, and it helps when some of your fellow workers are accustomed to heavy lifting.

Bucs Tackle Jace Daniels said, “Since I’m a big guy they want me moving all the rocks and stuff.”

Tuesday Tampa Bay Buccaneers and cheerleaders worked with the Volunteers of America of Florida and United Healthcare. And they were put to good use.

“I’ve been doing a little raking and a little landscaping right now,” said Running Back Bobby Rainey.

Rainey feels it’s important to think of others and give back.

“Even though we play on Sundays, we just like everybody else,” he said. “[We’re] no different and no better.”

Cheerleader Cassie Kilcoyne said, “We’re so blessed and being a part of this organization gives us a platform to help people.”

And sometimes it means more than you may realize. For these players, this work is fun. But for the residents of this complex, this is a godsend. Arbor Place Apartments supports homeless veterans and people with special needs.

“This work was needed very badly,” said Kevin Letch with Volunteers of America of Florida.

Officials with the complex say they didn’t have any money to get this done.

“It’s impossible for us,” Letch said. “We’re talking thousands of dollars of effort between the materials, the labor and everything. This doesn’t happen without our volunteers.”

“The individuals that we serve in this building are in big need and there’s nothing else we can do than help them and let them enjoy the American dream that we all enjoy,” Volunteers of America of Florida CEO Janet Stringfellow said.

The complex also got brand new exercise equipment. The Volunteers of America will use them to offer a new health curriculum for the residents there. The work done at the complex is special enough and having the Bucs is an added bonus.